Turkiet 2012


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I hela mitt liv har jag hört en sång

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I forgive you, we were just some couple of kids.

Somebody that I used to know

So baby don't feel no pain, just smile back...

Music Maestro

Och för min pappa:

White lips, pale face

Det är jul, pepparkakestrul

The Killers - The Cowboy's Christmas Ball

Den där Gaga :)

Hon slutar aldrig att förvåna.
Hennes röst asså. Passa allt.

Mkt musik nu :O

Ozzy, länge sen man lyssna på honom

If this is what we've got, then what we've got is gold

Woop woop

We could have had it all

Are you gonna kiss me or not.

What are words

But darling you are, the only exception

Lite låtar

Ny favorit!

Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag
And bury them beneath the sea
I don’t care what the people may say
What the people may say bout me.